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Greenlight Insights reveals dynamic focus solutions could unlock $10bn of additional enterprise AR spend by 2026

Adlens News - Report

Adlens - Report - Optics In FocusCoinciding with xRS Week (San Francisco, Oct 16-18), we partnered with Greenlight Insights to produce a whitepaper analysing the role that dynamic focus solutions will play in the future of AR.

You may download the full “Optics in Focus” report, free of charge, at the end of this article.

It’s fantastic to see a global leader in VR and AR market intelligence tackle two of the key issues that we at Adlens believe are holding the industry back – vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC) and focal rivalry. Greenlight’s report estimates that resolving these issues will directly lead to an additional $10bn enterprise AR spend by 2026. Greenlight also estimates that at least 95% of contemporary enterprise AR applications would see an immediate tangible benefit from addressing focal rivalry and VAC.

Without dynamic focus-capable head-mounted displays (HMDs), AR will be unable to achieve all-day usability, bring AR experiences within arm’s reach or provide users with any significant degree of accuracy when completing intricate and highly specialised tasks. Lead author of this report J.C Kuang from Greenlight Insights comments:“Focal rivalry and VAC represent a critical threshold for quality in optical see-through AR HMDs that once solved, will enable significantly faster adoption of AR across virtually all usage scenarios.”

“The whole issue of adaptive optics has been a major blindspot for the AR industry. No amount of improvements in software, display technology or processing power will resolve these critical issues. The only way to avoid visual fatigue and accurately and believably mix real and virtual content is to use a dynamic focus solution. This will be vital to unlocking the true potential of AR for anything from industrial manufacturing to design to surgical guidance.”

The report reviews all the key dynamic focus solution technologies currently in development, comparing their relative performance and likely time to market. A detailed comparison concludes that adaptive lenses offer the best combination of addressing all the key issues, while also offering HMD display manufacturers a low time-to-market.

I’m looking forward to discussing the report at xRS Week and beyond. Our thanks go out to JC Kuang and his team for their hard work in bringing this report to life, putting focal rivalry and VAC at the heart of the conversation about the future of AR.

I’ll be at xRS Week 2019 in San Francisco next week. I am looking forward to discussing form factors for the future of work on stage with Fraser Bowie, CEO, The Bowie Group and Lance Anderson, CEO, Lance AR on the 17th of October. Please drop me a line if you’ll be there and would like to meet up.

By John Kennedy, CEO Adlens

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