AdlensFocuss Kinetic

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SKU: AD1001.

Precision Vision On Demand – Custom-Made Adjustable Glasses

AdlensFocuss provides clear vision from far to near over the entire lens – 4x more viewing area than the best no-line bifocal.

With AdlensFocuss you can see clearly anywhere you want, when you want. All at the turn of a dial. AdlensFocuss is your distance prescription combined with Variable Power Optics (VPO) and a stylish frame. The only prescription adjustable eyewear sold by Adlens, it’s a complete pair of custom-made adjustable glasses, for distance, near, and everything in between.

AdlensFocuss can only be purchased with a prescription from an eyecare professional.

Coming June 2015 to an optometrist near you.


  • Provides 4x more viewing area than the best no-line bifocal
  • Variable Power Optics: a distance single vision Rx combined with a max power add of +2.5D