Learn how to unlock the potential of the $128 billion AR/VR market through the optical interface

Sponsored by Adlens, this Technology Spotlight from IDC explores the importance of the optical interface in helping the AR and VR market reach a predicted value of $128 billion by 2023 (IDC WW Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide, Nov 2019). 

The Technology Spotlight highlights major challenges that will require a new approach to the design of AR and VR headsets, including usability, immersion, and realism.

Download the free IDC Technology Spotlight “Realizing AR/VR Market Growth: The Importance of the Optical Interface in Unlocking AR/VR Potential”

Available for free exclusively from Adlens, this Technology Spotlight explores:

  • Current device challenges
  • The technologies being developed to crack existing barriers to device challenges
  • The key benefits to AR and VR beyond the challenges
  • Use case trends across four distinct sectors
  • Adlens solutions for adaptive focus lenses