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Autofocus lenses are “the future of vision correction” – but don’t take our word for it!

Adlens - Adaptive focus lens technologies - News - Autofocus Lenses

We’ve always pioneered the development of lenses that change focus like the human eye – enhancing vision in eyewear and now XR and VR, so it was good to see this piece of research by Stanford University on presbyopia (the natural deterioration in eyesight that affects all people as they get older).

It showed that autofocus glasses have a measurable performance benefit over traditional solutions like progressive lenses and monovision. Test subjects said the autofocus lenses, which were paired with eye-tracking hardware and system software, performed better and faster at reading and other tasks.

Director of Stanford Computational Imaging Lab, Prof. Gordon Wetzstein is convinced that autofocus eyewear will be the future of vision correction.Currently, varifocal/bifocal lenses are used to counter presbyopia. Unfortunately, wearing these types of glasses means putting up with a limited field of view, especially in, near and middle distances.

Adlens continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with adaptive lens technologies, there remain challenges like aesthetics and weight, but we are on the way to solving those.

So, in the near future, we hope we will all be able to enjoy a full field of view and sharp focus at any distance just like we used when we were younger.

By Richard Hill, Chief Product Officer, Adlens